Morning energy massage

Your day will start better

Morning energy massage
Manspa ikona

Extremely intense, emotional and powerful - available in ManSpa morning massage in Krakow from 5 am! It leaves our body and mind in a positive shape throughout the day. It allows you to meet even the biggest challenges that will bring next hours. We make the day start better. We drive the body and mind into action, we stimulate it in the morning and take all our worries. We believe that the body reflects everything that happens in the mind. The incredible power of touch introduces harmony and balance in the emotional state. We help in personal internal development and we influence the positive flow of energy through the body. We use the healing properties of massage and at the same time we introduce you to a state of deep relaxation.

A morning energizing massage in Krakow, in ManSpa, we recommend especially stressed and tired people looking for a goal and an idea in life. It is ideal for people just after morning jogging and those who do not show physical activity every day. This massage is also for you if you want to increase your effectiveness, get rid of morning tiredness, start the day without stress and motivate yourself to act.

It has many health properties:

  • improves efficiency and productivity during the day;
  • eliminates tiredness and feeling of sleepiness;
  • reduces muscle pain;
  • prevents sourdough;
  • it speeds up metabolism;
  • soothes the nerves and de-stress;
  • ensures a good start to the beginning of the day;
  • soothes back pains;
  • adds vitality;
  • motivates the body and mind to act.
Morning energy massage

ManSPA massage

A touch that dissolves tension, relieves stress and stimulates the senses

ManSPA massage

ManSpa massage using lithotherapy has many positive effects:

  • normalizes the pulse;
  • accelerates muscle regeneration;
  • helps in the treatment of rheumatic diseases;
  • helps in the fight against insomnia;
  • provides a healthy sleep;
  • stimulates blood and lymph circulation;
  • nourishes and oxygenates the skin;
  • it replaces convalescence after illness;
  • it relaxes and soothes the nerves;
  • relieves muscle and joint pain;
  • it speeds up metabolism.
Manspa ikona

ManSpa massage is an original, holistic massage of the whole body with the use of health properties of water and stones. We operate on heat and cold receptors in the body. It consists of the main elements - the ritual of washing with water, physiotherapy through manual therapy and herbal aromatherapy. It is distinguished by the health use of stones, i.e. lithotherapy with the techniques of grinding, kneading and stroking. We influence the free flow of good energy in the body.

ManSpa massage intertwines different intensity techniques and the pace of exercise. It acts as a therapy and relaxing massage. The tense parts of the body after proper preparation are massaged with greater intensity. The course is both delicate and more intense. We perform appropriate massage techniques tailored directly to the needs and expectations of each guest.

The treatment is recommended for people exposed to constant stress, restless and neurotic. It is also recommended during convalescence after illness or injury.

ManSPA massage

Slavic massage

The power and energy of the Slavic touch

Slavic massage
Manspa ikona

Slavic massage is a full-body massage, performed with a holistic approach with the use of health properties of water and wood. It consists of elements of the ritual of washing with water, physiotherapy by touch - manual therapy and herbal aromatherapy. She is distinguished by silhouette therapy, that is, the use of a compress, and patting with wooden sticks, which contain healing substances secreted during the treatment. They transdermally penetrate into the body. Massage helps in unblocking good energy and carrying it through the body. Slavic massage is a combination of healing and relaxation massage techniques. Its intensity and bluntness are both delicate and stronger at the same time. It also combines elements of stretching the body after prior preparation, in places that require more attention. According to the expectations and needs of the client, we choose the right massage techniques. We approach each individually.

We especially recommend it for people who are irritable and neurotic. A beneficial action will also have for smokers and colds - the massage improves lung ventilation. We also invite people struggling with musculoskeletal system pain.

It has many health effects:

  • stimulates the circulatory system;
  • it has a positive effect on the respiratory system;
  • opens the skin pores;
  • prevents the formation of stones in the body;
  • improves lung ventilation;
  • cleanses and firms the skin;
  • improves metabolism;
  • prevents premature aging;
  • supports the treatment of wounds and bruises;
  • increases the circulation of blood in the body.
Slavic massage

Herbal massage

The saving power of herbs for your body

Herbal massage

Herbal massage, which combines aromatherapy and compress with herbal bouquets, has many health benefits, mainly from the sporting approach to its performance:

  • it speeds up metabolism;
  • nourishes the skin;
  • reduces the risk of injury;
  • eliminates soreness and fatigue after exercise;
  • increases immunity;
  • detoxifies and nourishes the body and detoxifies it;
  • stimulates internal organs;
  • clears the airways;
  • adds vitality;
  • eliminates stress and a feeling of tension.
Manspa ikona

Herbal massage is a holistic and aromatic massage of the whole body with the use of health properties of water and herbs. It consists of a cleansing ritual of washing with water, physiotherapy as a manual therapy and aromatherapy. It is distinguished by the use of phytotherapy by compressing herbal bouquets and the use of herbal essential oils. The health substances contained in them transdermally penetrate into the body. During the massage is also used a warm compress with a heated herbal mat, from which the beneficial properties and aromatherapy are released. Herbal massage combines relaxation and sports massage techniques. The intensity techniques and the pace of its performance are both strong and delicate. Places requiring proper stretching after prior preparation are treated with greater intensity and attention. Massage covers the whole body, not just parts of it. Herbal massage works on all senses. Herbs stimulate, soothe and relax. Appropriate hydration of the office and aromatherapy practiced in it allow for the purification of the soul and support the correct flow of energy through the body.

We especially recommend this massage to a tired, overworked and stressed person. Ideally also suitable for muscle pain.

Herbal massage

Meditation with massage as a technique of the mind

Cleanse your body and mind with our treatments

Meditation with massage as a technique of the mind
Manspa ikona

Our offices are decorated in accordance with the Slavic culture on which our Spa is modeled, introduces a state of meditation and relaxation. Deep hydration of rooms, hay beds, stone and wooden walls and floors, as well as herbal aromatherapy practiced in every office allows you to purify your mind, break away from worries and reflect on yourself. We help in emotional and mental development. We run our client's energy through blocked parts of the body. We make him aware of his possibilities, we add motivation to action. We help create a new image and encourage a healthy approach to life, consistent with nature and their own intuitions. By using elements of meditation during the treatments, we help in the training of strong will, develop the ability to concentrate and focus attention, teach how to control anxiety and fears. We merge a man with reality, let him experience something extraordinary.

We especially recommend meditative treatments for nervous and stressed people who do not have time for themselves. Meditation will also be suitable for people who are struggling with anxiety, lack of concentration and concentration. We invite everyone who wants to calm down and clean up.

Meditation works on the body incredibly therapeutically in terms of mental and physical:

  • reduces the level of stress;
  • helps in the treatment of depression;
  • helps control emotions;
  • increases the body's resistance;
  • relieves migraines;
  • increases concentration;
  • it brightens the mind;
  • solves problems with the uselessness;
  • teaches you how to deal with your weaknesses
  • adds self-confidence;
  • helps in the treatment of addictions.
Meditation with massage as a technique of the mind